About Adam

I'm a fiction writer based in North Carolina, pursuing an MFA at UNC Wilmington. I work as a graduate teaching assistant in the UNCW film department, where I lead weekly discussion sections in FST 200.

In 2018, I was awarded a Peter Taylor Fellowship for the Kenyon Review's Summer Writing Workshop for Teachers. I've also worked as a Scholastic Coordinator and instructor for the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, an Academic Dean's Assistant for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth's summer programming, and as an English language instructor for Cosmopolitan Lingua school in Budapest, Hungary.

I am often particularly fascinated by the settings of stories: the ways they're depicted on the page, the interactions between place and character, and what it means to exist in them--in a world undergoing rampant climate change. In my own writing, I find I'm drawn to the swamps outside my childhood home of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Currently, I'm seeking representation for my first novel, Girl in the Walls, which follows ten-year-old Elise as she sneaks back into her childhood home and haunts the family that now lives there.